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Ramones Museum in Berlin

NY Times
Sunday, September 25, 2005
"HEY HO LET'S Go (to Berlin)"

*(reprinted for scholarly purposes only)

In the East Village, the battle to keep CBGB from being bulldozed rages on, but in Berlin the cultural legacy of New York's punk scene has recently been enshrined for the ages. On Sept. 15, The Ramones Museum Berlin - billed as the world's first Ramones museum - opened to the public. A project of a die-hard German fan, Florian Hayler, it houses more than 300 photographs, records, news clippings and other memorabilia. That includes an unwashed pair of jeans owned by the guitarist Johnny Ramone, the drummer Marky Ramone's sneakers and an autographed black leather jacket.

The museum had the blessing of the living members of the group, Marky and C. J. Ramone, Mr. Hayler said. Marky Ramone, speaking from his home in Brooklyn, said, "I'm very flattered that another country will help keep the Ramones legacy alive."

Dee Dee Ramone, the song…

Saving CBGB's

An article by Donna Gaines was published today in the Village Voice, covering CBGB's benifit shows and the fight to save NYC's punk Mecca from demolition and oblivion:,sotc1,67478,22.html
The story appears next week in hard copy---9/7/05 (street date).

After speaking at the SAVE CBGB's rally organized by Little Steven Van Zandt on 8/31/05, at Washington Square Park, Dr. Gaines was interviewed live by Denis McNamara regarding cultural politics, youth and the importance of the club. This interview and much more is now available at: