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CBGB's Lease Extended

CBGBs lease has been extended, after Mayor Bloomberg and others intervened for the greater glory of NYC and the Post-Ramone Empire. The Punk Mecca, which sits adjacent to "Joey Ramone Place" will close next year, on Samhain (10/31/ 2006), ending a nasty real estate dispute with landlord----the Bowery Residents' Committee, a nonprofit organization that serves homeless people. Owner Hilly Kristal is searching for a new location with the help of the mayor's office. CBGB's has been operating without a lease since September 1.

NY Dolls Live Miami by Evelyn Mcdonnell

NY Dolls Live at Collins Park, Miami

You *can* put your arm around a memory. Turning the clocks back three decades to the dawn of punk, the New York Dolls made up for the tacky, overpriced art at this year's Art Basel Miami Beach by blowing away the sands at Collins Park. Skeptics figured that a band with only two of the remaining members would be a shadow of its former self. But David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain honored their deceased collaborators by being everything other aging rockers with big- mouthed singers are not: sexy, sloppy-tight, relevant, generous, provocative. They even still write good songs.

Johansen must have been joking when he introduced a mournful ode to song and beauty by saying they'd written it that day, it was just too perfect to be that fresh. The singer looked un-fucking-believably gorgeous. His Buster Poindexter persona must have been the aging Dorian Gray portrait he showed to the public, while the real Johansen, the New York Doll, was preserved in…