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Merry Happy Holy Hey Ho Let's Go!!


Manhattan College, Riverdale NY


Ellen Willis (1941-2006)

Funeral for Ellen Willis
Sunday, November 12 at 11:45 a.m
Riverside Memorial Chapel
180 West 76th Street (between 7th & 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 362-6600

Five Years On----Reflections of 9/11

In the most recent issue of “First of the Month” writers and readers - Hans Koning, Russell Jacoby, Paul Berman, Donna Gaines, Scott Spencer, Carolyn Nordstrom, Bill Ayers, Fredric Smoler, Eric Lott, Charles O’Brien, Paula Friedman, Leroy Searle, Benjamin Kessler – look back on 9/11.

CBGB's --My City is Gone


The Last Song---Patti Smith @ CBGB's 10/15/06

CBGB'S Video of "Elegie", Patti Smith performing the final song to ever be performed at CBGB's. She thanked Hilly and read the names of our dead, observing "33 years--that's the same age as Jesus." Lenny Kaye played the last note and it was finished.

Continental--The Resurrection

According to owner Trigger, after fifteen years of live music, next week the Continental will resurrect itself as "a dive bar with cheap drinks, a killer jukebox and a pool table---same place, same name, same staff."

An Acoustic Sunday Nights series is also planned. Lest we forget the great punk clubs of the 1970's began as old man bars, biker holes and divy gin joints hijacked for rock purposes by the young and restless. From the seeds of seediness, punk venues are born. Onward and upward we go, back to the future, back to the Continental (again).


A Misfit's Manifesto: The Sociological Memoir of a Rock & Roll Heart

In Spring 2007, Rutgers University Press will publish the scholarly paperback edition of A MISFIT'S MANIFESTO: THE SOCIOLOGICAL MEMOIR OF A ROCK & ROLL HEART. The paperback will be available for academic adoption and trade readerships. Below, Donna Gaines, with RUP Social Science/Religion Acquisitions Editor, Adi Hovav, in NYC.

Blackfire at Continental--Free Show Tuesday 7/18

Fresh from Warped the Ramones favorite Navaho punks will play a free show on Tuesday at Continental, 25 Third Avenue at St. Marks. CJ discovered them, Joey produced them and we love them!!! 9:30 showtime.

For more information about the band go to their website.

Ramones CyberRadio 24/7


Father Thomas Keating

One of the three Trappist monks who distilled Centering Prayer from the Christian contemplative heritage, Father Keating addresses contemplation, right attention (to what we are doing) and intention (to why we are doing it). For anyone seeking to quiet the mind and allow the silence of God (meditation), hearing Father Keating is a breathtaking experience. Sunday May 21 2pm-4 pm at St Bart's Church, Park Avenue at East 51st, NYC.


Introducing a new form of alternative worship at St. Bart's Church that blends ancient Christian liturgy with modern urban expression. The iconic imagery, ambient music and sacred prayer of Emerge will create an experience to awaken your senses and meet you in your daily celebrations and struggles. Come be a part of Emerge every Sunday at 7 p.m.

For more information, call 212.378.0222 or go to
St. Bart's Episcopal is located at Park Avenue & East 51 Street, NYC

"METAL: A Headbanger's Journey"

A heartfelt documentry film by Sam Dunn features musicians Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Cannibal Corpse, Voivod, Dee Snider, Slayer, Dio, Lemmy, Vince Neil, Tommi Iommi (Sabbath), Bruce Dickinson (Maiden). With commentary by Chuck Klosterman, Deena Weinstein, Robert Walser and me. Available on DVD next month.

New York Dolls Give CBGB's a Great Big Kiss

Click here: New York Dolls / March 28, 2006 /(CBGB)

Review by Mike Ayers, fanboy scholar from "Soc. 666" (fourth from left, graduate seminar in Sociology of Popular Music, Graduate Faculty, New School University, published in Billboard

Simon Reynolds New Post-Punk Book

Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-84 Simon Reynolds' new book will be of interest to most of the people who hit this site---for more information, check out

"Punk's raw power rejuvenated rock, but by summer 1977 it had become a parody of itself. is a celebration of what happened next--bands like Joy Division, Gang of Four, Wire, Contortions, Talking Heads, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League--who dedicated themselves to fulfilling punk's unfinished musical revolution. Based on over 125 interviews, Rip It Up offers a panoramic survey of the seven year period following punk, taking in everything from PIL to ABC to SST to ZTT, and dealing with genres including industrial, 2-Tone, synthpop, and goth. "

Interview with Donna Gaines--InterActions

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies
Volume 2, Issue 1 2006 Article 8

Special Issue: Cultural Studies Matters

“Sacred Profanities: Youth Alienation, Popular Culture, and Spirituality---An Interview with Donna Gaines by Ben Frymer"

My R&R Church

Owner-guitarist Trigger recently told the NY Post that the immortal Continental at 25 Third Avenue off St. Marks will soon become a bar, no longer serving the Lower East Side as a music venue and punk church---replete with shrines to Joey Ramone, Johnny Bully and Iggy. A death sentence is already haunting CBGB's, and now this.

Post-Ramones Joey Ramone favored the club, situated diagonally across from his apartment on East 9th. He loved booking eclectic shows, playing MC, saying Continental reminded him of Max's in the early days. The walls are line with photos of punk's greatest hitters, local & global---Waldos, Blondie, Sea Monster, Furious George, Hanoi Rocks.... Go see it before it's too late. Take photos, bring your children, bring your parents, write a book, do a documentary, ok?

Sacred Mountain Under Seige--update

Tribes & Environmental Groups Decry Snowbowl Decision, Vow Appeals to Protect Sacred Mountain.

Flagstaff, AZ -

Yesterday afternoon U.S. District Court Judge Paul Rosenblatt issued his decision on the lawsuits filed against the U.S. Forest Service and Arizona Snowbowl in their attempt to allow the wastewater Snowmaking and expansion plan on the Sacred San Francisco Peaks. Members of the Save the Peaks Coalition, Tribal leaders, environmental advocates, and concerned members of the community gathered at the foothills of the sacred mountain to voice their concerns and announce appeals to the decision at a news conference.

“The federal government felt, and the court affirmed, that the economic viability of the Arizona Snowbowl Resorts Limited Partnership was more of a priority than the beliefs of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.” Said lawyer Howard Shaker who represented the Navajo Nation, Yavipai Apache, white Mt. Apache, The center for Bio logical Diversity, Sierra Club, Flag…