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Sacred Mountain Under Seige--update

Tribes & Environmental Groups Decry Snowbowl Decision, Vow Appeals to Protect Sacred Mountain.

Flagstaff, AZ -

Yesterday afternoon U.S. District Court Judge Paul Rosenblatt issued his decision on the lawsuits filed against the U.S. Forest Service and Arizona Snowbowl in their attempt to allow the wastewater Snowmaking and expansion plan on the Sacred San Francisco Peaks. Members of the Save the Peaks Coalition, Tribal leaders, environmental advocates, and concerned members of the community gathered at the foothills of the sacred mountain to voice their concerns and announce appeals to the decision at a news conference.

“The federal government felt, and the court affirmed, that the economic viability of the Arizona Snowbowl Resorts Limited Partnership was more of a priority than the beliefs of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.” Said lawyer Howard Shaker who represented the Navajo Nation, Yavipai Apache, white Mt. Apache, The center for Bio logical Diversity, Sierra Club, Flag…