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Interview with Donna Gaines--InterActions

InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies
Volume 2, Issue 1 2006 Article 8

Special Issue: Cultural Studies Matters

“Sacred Profanities: Youth Alienation, Popular Culture, and Spirituality---An Interview with Donna Gaines by Ben Frymer"

My R&R Church

Owner-guitarist Trigger recently told the NY Post that the immortal Continental at 25 Third Avenue off St. Marks will soon become a bar, no longer serving the Lower East Side as a music venue and punk church---replete with shrines to Joey Ramone, Johnny Bully and Iggy. A death sentence is already haunting CBGB's, and now this.

Post-Ramones Joey Ramone favored the club, situated diagonally across from his apartment on East 9th. He loved booking eclectic shows, playing MC, saying Continental reminded him of Max's in the early days. The walls are line with photos of punk's greatest hitters, local & global---Waldos, Blondie, Sea Monster, Furious George, Hanoi Rocks.... Go see it before it's too late. Take photos, bring your children, bring your parents, write a book, do a documentary, ok?