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Five Years On----Reflections of 9/11

In the most recent issue of “First of the Month” writers and readers - Hans Koning, Russell Jacoby, Paul Berman, Donna Gaines, Scott Spencer, Carolyn Nordstrom, Bill Ayers, Fredric Smoler, Eric Lott, Charles O’Brien, Paula Friedman, Leroy Searle, Benjamin Kessler – look back on 9/11.

CBGB's --My City is Gone


The Last Song---Patti Smith @ CBGB's 10/15/06

CBGB'S Video of "Elegie", Patti Smith performing the final song to ever be performed at CBGB's. She thanked Hilly and read the names of our dead, observing "33 years--that's the same age as Jesus." Lenny Kaye played the last note and it was finished.

Continental--The Resurrection

According to owner Trigger, after fifteen years of live music, next week the Continental will resurrect itself as "a dive bar with cheap drinks, a killer jukebox and a pool table---same place, same name, same staff."

An Acoustic Sunday Nights series is also planned. Lest we forget the great punk clubs of the 1970's began as old man bars, biker holes and divy gin joints hijacked for rock purposes by the young and restless. From the seeds of seediness, punk venues are born. Onward and upward we go, back to the future, back to the Continental (again).