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War All The Time

Male Veterans Have Double the Suicide Rate of Civilians
Male veterans in the general U.S. population are twice as likely as their civilian peers to die by suicide, a large study shows. This study included 320,890 men age 18 and older in the general population, 104,026 of them veterans, whom researchers followed for 12 years. Veterans who were white, had at least 12 years of education, or whose daily-life activities were limited by health problems were at highest risk. Those who were overweight had a lower risk. By the end of the study, 197 of the veterans had died by suicide. Compared to civilian men who died by suicide, veterans were 58 percent more likely to use a firearm to end their lives. The researchers also note that the number of veterans with daily-life activity limitations – one of the higher risk factors for suicide listed above – is likely to rise. They suggest that clinical and community interventions will be needed, and call for clinicians to be alert for signs that veter…